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360 degree photos???
Rille - 1.8.2003 at 16:44

Does anyone know how to do a 360 degree photo. I know you can do it with quick time vr, but I was thinking of something that is free.


anders - 1.8.2003 at 18:18

i played with a free one ages ago on a mac,,,

for the latest freeware, maybe try they should have some free panoramic tools...
i was doing a search on the tools for u but since im' in china right now, the dial up loading takes FOREVER.....arghhhh.....and keeps giving me page cannot be displayed...

heres' the search link results

there are around 40 of them...some free, some shareware..

hope u have better luck

Rille - 1.8.2003 at 21:16

Thanks for the tip Anders, I will post here as soon as i find what I am looking for.


SquidThing - 8.9.2003 at 11:42

RealViz Stitcher EZ isn't free, but it's a pretty good price and claims to be fully automated, all you need is a camera (preferably digital) and a tripod. I tried a demo of the Pro version to make a VR of my room and it worked pretty well.