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MAYA | personal learning edition
anders - 3.26.2003 at 03:55

There was a topic asking about what was 3d studio max and how much it costs, etc.

This made me remember about a free version of the powerful professional 3d package Maya (by alias wavefront)...

It's only for learning purposes, not commercial but nevertheless, users can get a feel of the 2000-7000 dollar program for free...

the catch is : "The Maya Personal Learning Edition restricts users to non-commercial applications through the display of a watermark on images as well as through the use of a special non-commercial file format."

so ur work wil have a maya watermark...but you still get to try it without spending couple grand on it..

download here :

it's a big file (133mb) but worth the download...great app

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hzr - 3.26.2003 at 11:19

Cool. I may download it later. Thanks for the info sher

whatisthematrix - 3.26.2003 at 11:58

yeah....but I think I will stick to 3dsmax

bodyvisual - 4.6.2003 at 01:09

Can it do basically the same things as 3dsmax?

And, is it well documented on the net? (as in lots of tuts, etc.).


Rookie - 6.26.2003 at 12:30

free version of light wave works great too ... no water marks or anything like that. Student version. It's what I use for my 3D stuff. Just don't try to upgrade it or you'll have to uninstall and reinstall ... umm can IM me for a link if you want it.