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show us your.. dekstop!
Mark - 8.31.2002 at 13:18

ok.. we have that workspace thread here.. but this one would be nice too right?

heres mine:

(not inserted as img coz its 1280 by 1024)

hzr - 8.31.2002 at 13:37

Cool thread. Had to clean my desktop up. See that folder named "desktop icons". It actually contains 88 objects which I had on my desktop

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EROS - 8.31.2002 at 13:57

Jennifer Lopez... hehe... well.. Here's my: Enjoy!

hzr - 8.31.2002 at 14:00


Jennifer Lopez... hehe

Yea, isn't she beautiful

btw, nice background img eros

EROS - 8.31.2002 at 16:45

Thanx! Thank Microsoft.. It's win XP wallpaper.. Yea.. Jennifer is beautiful

anders - 8.31.2002 at 19:06

here's my desktop from home computer

since i just installed win2k last nite pc is still empty right now

rem_sr - 8.31.2002 at 21:30

nice desctops guys...

here's mine... the background is a photo taken last year, it's a village in Eastern Europe and of which I have a special relation to...

my desctop

Janny - 8.31.2002 at 23:03

here is my desktop

whatisthematrix - 8.31.2002 at 23:34

wow janny...looks so fucking good....

I will show my tomorrow.

jooli - 9.1.2002 at 02:08

dont mind me as i drool over the sexy car...
share that desktop willya janny!!
i bet the car goes superfast... or can be rigged to...

jooli - 9.1.2002 at 02:10

i would take a screencap of mine but why should i bother when its just a huge:

: )

i love to see a happy smile first thing in the morning and last thing at night

pixiegal - 9.1.2002 at 05:11

WOW everyone of you have a nice wallpapers. I especially like Janny one. I always try to do myself a wallpaper like that but I don't know how. probably is doing in the 3D software too is it???

well here's mine Pixiegal's Wallpaper. The Flower on the wallpaper was drawing by my Finland friend as a present. He is very good in graphic stuffs.

abhi - 9.1.2002 at 09:11

wow, u guys have teriffic desktops.
janny: is that the car u bought???
i'd always like to put some huge pics but RAM prbs.

i'll post tomorrow. will have to clear up.

anders couldu send me that angelina jolie???.thx.

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simu - 9.1.2002 at 10:00

nice dektops there! especially jannys

here's mine:

abhi - 9.1.2002 at 10:22

how come u have so many versions of Netscape on yr comp.?

hzr - 9.1.2002 at 10:25

I think it is for testing stuffs

Mark - 9.1.2002 at 11:15

some nice desks you guys having here

the reason why i dont have that much icons on my desk.. i have a keyboard w/ menu buttons.. can launch software w/ just 2 clicks on the keyboard

abhi - 9.1.2002 at 11:59

hey, sorry reframing the question.

"how did you install so many versions of the same program on Win.?"

hzr - 9.1.2002 at 12:07

I think you can install several different versions of Netscape on your computer. Just install them in different folders.

pixiegal - 9.1.2002 at 12:45

well as for me I can have 2 version of netscape in my pc. netscape 4.7 and netscape 6.2. the 6 won't replace the 4. if you install the newest version like 6. bla bla.... then it sure will replace the 6.2. this is what I found out.

Due to my job, it is always a headache to coding for netscape 4. grrrrrrrrrr...

simu - 9.1.2002 at 13:49

it's no problem to have different versions of netscape, just install them in different folders...

currently I have 4.7, 6, 6.1, 6.2, 7.0

abhi - 9.1.2002 at 14:06

my desktop. cleared up the clutter:

link here.

hzr - 9.1.2002 at 14:15

Wow, Jennifer and?

abhi - 9.1.2002 at 14:31

jeniffer and Kajol.
she's an indian actress.

actually. i don't quite like my bg.
sometimes have the feelin of getting a wallpaper done by a pro. as per my views but then the cost ! lol.

abhi - 9.1.2002 at 14:38

aishwarya Rai.
i pic of Kajol and Shahrukh Khan (Tom Cruise of India )

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DAS19 - 9.1.2002 at 18:16

Wow you guys have some sick wallpapers!


anders - 9.1.2002 at 18:54

dave, do u mean "slick" or really 'sick"? lol

simu, you got the most organized and icon-full desktop i've ever seen....very nice though ...clean and tidy

and yes, except for IE, you can have multiple versions of other browsers on your system...

whatisthematrix - 9.1.2002 at 19:50

Here is my desktop or dektop?
I don't know what is right.


hzr - 9.1.2002 at 19:53

Please don't use BMP's. Works good for me since I'm on ADSL, but think about the dial-up ppl.
Also, this is brinkster, go to and then type in "p" after it and hit return

[Edited on 1.9.2002 by HZR]

whatisthematrix - 9.1.2002 at 19:56

thanks hzr!

about bmp....I save the pic in paint because it takes 5 min for me to start ps.!

rem_sr - 9.1.2002 at 21:36

can't find the pic... matrix.. sure it works right with the link and all??

anders - 9.2.2002 at 02:25

my office desktop :

jooli - 9.2.2002 at 04:00

anders, sick goes both ways heh, same thing as... insane!
i'm going to piece together my desktop tomorrow... some nice car, motocycle, trinity
my desktop is about as organized as my desk... well i say messy is the sign of creativeness but my mom says i'm just lazy... i guess its true

jooli - 9.2.2002 at 05:57

okay, i put together one.
not as impressive as some cuz i just stuck in some of my fav things.
car - Mitsubishi Spyder 2003
moto - Suzuki Ninja

its more of a humor thing...
editing those pics took nearly an hour...

:: jooli desktop

hzr - 9.2.2002 at 07:58

anders, is that this Kirari-girl?

anders - 9.2.2002 at 09:00

nope...kirari is a japanese actress while this one is a taiwanese one.. : )

name's tien hsin wu...her first name translates to sky(tien) heart(hsin) in english..
hot eh...

hzr - 9.2.2002 at 09:15


hot eh...

Yea, really

Mark - 9.2.2002 at 09:50

great one julie!!!

abhi - 9.2.2002 at 10:08

yeah, nice one jooli!

hzr - 9.2.2002 at 10:16

Jooli, I found a suspicious icon on your desktop..."hackpwdtr"...What is that?

[Edited on 2.9.2002 by HZR]

Dan - 9.2.2002 at 12:00

My super interesting work desktop. The work network overrides a lot of the settings to ensure we have the Intranet desktop thingy.

Boring huh?

hzr - 9.2.2002 at 12:02


Boring huh?

No, not at all

abhi - 9.2.2002 at 13:04

Boring huh?

looks decent

rem_sr - 9.2.2002 at 14:38

not that boring, quite calming with blue.. I think...
it's practical for the company with the Intranet tingy..

whatisthematrix - 9.2.2002 at 17:25

nice jooli....I like the matrix pic..or bg...

Janny - 9.2.2002 at 18:55

matrix we still can't see your desktop

simu - 9.2.2002 at 20:50


simu, you got the most organized and icon-full desktop i've ever seen....very nice though ...clean and tidy

thanks anders

eric-the-ded - 9.2.2002 at 23:31

here's my desktop.
featuring a wallpaper i made a while back.

[Edited on 9.2.2002 by eric-the-ded]

jooli - 9.3.2002 at 02:32

thats a beauty

made another stupid wallpaper:
:: wallpaper2

Mark - 9.3.2002 at 09:08

humz.. looks nice. not something i would use as bg tho.

hzr - 9.3.2002 at 16:54

Looks nice, agree with mark.

rem_sr - 9.3.2002 at 17:02

it's really nice jooli.. but as neo and david said, I wouldn't use that as bg...

Chris - 9.4.2002 at 08:31

whatisthematrix - 9.4.2002 at 09:44

very elegant bg...chris!

rem_sr - 9.4.2002 at 11:22

quite nice, even though I'm not a fan of pink...

who's the girl, Chris??

Mark - 9.4.2002 at 15:28

looks cool chris.. not really my style.. but cool.

hzr - 9.4.2002 at 15:34

Yea, nice bg, and "start" button

Dan - 9.4.2002 at 19:48

Here's my home desktop. The counters are newly added (thus their on still low numbers

hzr - 9.4.2002 at 19:51

Wow, nice desktop. Cool with those counters!

rem_sr - 9.5.2002 at 04:32

yea, really nice dan... the counters and the bee is awesome..

abhi - 9.5.2002 at 07:57

nice one chris.

Dan - cannot find server.

Dan - 9.5.2002 at 09:06

Abhi: just refresh. Seems to be some problems with the network or something.

abhi - 9.5.2002 at 09:24

hey looks good.
what are those counter for? monitoring site.?

the bug looks so real.

p.s.? if u put up a dynamic page, u'll have to set it up for synchronizing each day rt.?

Dan - 9.5.2002 at 10:32

The counters are "desktop items". They're basically little web pages that use a remote scripting technique to check simple counters on my sites. They update every 30s.

EROS - 9.5.2002 at 13:21

Nice bg..

Mark - 9.5.2002 at 15:44

nice bg dan.... and i really like that feature.. im gonna build a similar thing into the cms im gonna build too.

Dan - 9.5.2002 at 17:03

Cool Neo ... if you want any tips drop me an email, I did it ages ago with IFrames but that was pretty lame.
I'm going to make a few more for useful tools and RSS feeds and stuff.

Jamison - 9.6.2002 at 05:32

Dan: I would like the details on how to add that to my sites...

my desktop

Edited by HZR: inserted link instead. Hope you don't mind

[Edited on 6.9.2002 by HZR]

Alan - 9.6.2002 at 10:09

some nice bg's here!

mine at work:

click me

[Edited on 6.9.2002 by Alan]

Chris - 9.6.2002 at 11:55

I don't know who the girl is... I found it on a website some time ago, so decided to use it as a background (I can't be doing with those complex designs). Hex edit 'Explorer.exe' to change 'Start' to whatever you like. Or use a helper program that I forget the name of...

Good idea Dan: you seem to be full of 'em

Alan and Jamison: nice backgrounds.

Dan: how can you use Winamp3?? Every skin other than the base one is impossible to use (imo)

Dan - 9.6.2002 at 12:00

Chris: I know, it sucks. I'm not sure if I can be bothered to go back to 2.x though. It has some nice features, like the media library and cross-fade (so my compilations are seemless
Its just unbelievable that noone has made a usable skin. All the "free-form" ones suck ass.

(note to self: write tutorial on how to make dynamic desktop items.)

hzr - 9.6.2002 at 12:08

I agree with the skins, but I use the default skin until someone makes a nicer one.

abhi - 9.6.2002 at 12:56

alan .cool bg.

hey winamp has some cool skins.
ohe 3
Apill -quite small and sleek.
act3sceen2 - very cool.


hzr - 9.6.2002 at 14:49

They may look cool, but the they are not that user-friendly.

simu - 9.6.2002 at 16:37

I like my winamp-skin... it's not one of those over-designed ones.

it's called RazorAmp

here's a pic:

Mark - 9.6.2002 at 17:13

thats a cool bg alan! where can i find it???

simon.. thats a great skin too

whatisthematrix - 9.6.2002 at 18:40

nice bg alan.......where have you find it?

madis - 9.7.2002 at 18:15

my desktop

whatisthematrix - 9.7.2002 at 19:12

weird bg?

jooli - 9.7.2002 at 20:18

bleh... XP's stupid cow bubble... (heh...)
that counter thing is a really really great idea, dan, props to you
hmm that winamp skin doesnt work for me. its too red. well maybe not
i usually match my winamp thing to whatever my desktop is.

hzr - 10.11.2002 at 23:06

We had some talk about winamp3 skins in this thread some time ago. I've found a really nice one now. Can be found here:

madis - 10.12.2002 at 15:56

i dont use winamp.. i use wmplayer 9.. oh and btw.. i got a new desktop..

jnicklo - 10.17.2002 at 22:28

heres my desktop

madis - 10.17.2002 at 22:34

you are pretty smart arent ya.. pic AND desktop at the same time..
so which one is you?

[Edited on 10.17.2002 by madis]

Dan - 10.17.2002 at 22:52

I just set my main machine up for dual monitors (very sweet) 'cause I'm not using my old one that much.

Need to make/find a cool background. It's offset so it lines up on my different height monitors.

jnicklo - 10.18.2002 at 02:58 the guy. the female is my fiance. so dont get any thoughts LOL.

how come u didnt ask if i did that wallpaper??? LOL (which I did)

madis - 10.18.2002 at 19:20

lol.. it says its not for me soooo.. lol

Syedur - 11.21.2002 at 04:06

Here is my new one...

Timuwine - 11.21.2002 at 06:48

oops link didn't work try this one

Click Here

Timuwine - 11.21.2002 at 07:01

One more which is my favorite by far

Click Here

hzr - 11.21.2002 at 15:29

Remember that you can edit your posts Timuwone. Deleted the one with the image not working.

jooli - 11.21.2002 at 16:09

i just reallized dan played MoHAA lol... i tried killing myself in the training one...
i love dan's stuff, its always impressive
right now, mine currently says... "merry christmas" a month early... but it doesnt hurt... i love christmas and i will be awaiting airmail cards from u all lol

Timuwine - 11.21.2002 at 19:06

Originally posted by
Remember that you can edit your posts Timuwone. Deleted the one with the image not working.

Sorry was looking for the edit button and couldn't find it untill after you deleted my post. Had to scroll all the way over to the right to see the button.

[Edited on 11.21.2002 by Timuwine]

SimsHsia - 12.6.2002 at 18:22

Here's my Desktop:

(Yes I Know, I' a Few Weeks Late )

whatisthematrix - 12.6.2002 at 20:08

nice bg, have you made it by yourself?

hzr - 12.6.2002 at 20:09

Actually, it's included with Windows XP.

whatisthematrix - 12.6.2002 at 23:41

then I must have it on my new computer....

whatisthematrix - 12.7.2002 at 12:07

here is mine.

hit enter..

[Edited on 12.7.2002 by whatisthematrix]

SimsHsia - 12.7.2002 at 19:51

Nice O2 Logo There

whatisthematrix - 12.7.2002 at 20:10 was pretty simple, thought

ProgrammerAlpha - 12.8.2002 at 08:16

Heres My Desktop:


hzr - 12.8.2002 at 09:11

Haha, the Olsen twins.

SimsHsia - 12.8.2002 at 13:00

ProgrammerAlpha - 12.8.2002 at 15:09

Hey, what can i say. . lol

Timuwine - 12.10.2002 at 05:33

here is my new desktop

just changed it like a week ago and worked on the html and java script stuff some

go here

rem_sr - 12.10.2002 at 05:59

hmm... clean and nice... I would prefer some shortcuts on the desk though..

Mark - 12.10.2002 at 15:51


madis - 12.10.2002 at 15:57

gimmie the url of the theme neo.. and the prog that does that thing.. hehe..

Mark - 12.10.2002 at 16:05

just classic xp theme..

the app is called coolmon, search back in this topic coz seydur posted it before. (and i forgot the url)

i got the bg from deviant

hzr - 12.10.2002 at 16:16

Downloaded coolmon - great little program

whatisthematrix - 12.10.2002 at 18:57

That is a very nice desktop neo.!

ProgrammerAlpha - 12.11.2002 at 02:28

jooli - 12.20.2002 at 16:09

updated wP...

Mark - 12.20.2002 at 16:17

nice one

tho i think it's a bit too dark..

Chris - 12.20.2002 at 17:05

mine here

madis - 12.20.2002 at 17:15

what did you do with the messenger?? :scared:

Chris - 12.20.2002 at 17:30


whatisthematrix - 12.20.2002 at 20:47

Very nice pic that u use chris...real art..

madis - 12.20.2002 at 20:52

if you look at the icon tray.. messenger looks offline.. but it seems like your talkin with someone..

SimsHsia - 12.21.2002 at 01:19

Originally posted by madis
if you look at the icon tray.. messenger looks offline.. but it seems like your talkin with someone..

Ah he has another program: Trillian, that kinda icon on the lower right side, that looks like a barbell or something. Trillian handles: MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM all at the same time

whatisthematrix - 12.21.2002 at 13:22

Originally posted by ProgrammerAlpha

very cool program I will download it..

Chris - 12.21.2002 at 18:42

SimsHsia is correct

abhi - 12.22.2002 at 11:45

hey guys,
my stuff.

whatisthematrix - 12.22.2002 at 13:58

nice babe...but where are are the icons?

madis - 12.22.2002 at 14:37

Originally posted by whatisthematrix
nice babe...but where are are the icons?

you are 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you shouldnt watch this..

what are we doin to the young ppl :scared:


[Edited on 12.22.2002 by madis]

hzr - 12.22.2002 at 16:14

WHAT!! Madis has as many 's as I have
anders, give me one more

madis - 12.22.2002 at 20:19

lol david.. :haha:

SimsHsia - 12.22.2002 at 20:44


whatisthematrix - 12.23.2002 at 00:36

Originally posted by madis
Originally posted by whatisthematrix
nice babe...but where are are the icons?

you are 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you shouldnt watch this..

what are we doin to the young ppl :scared:


[Edited on 12.22.2002 by madis]

I'm 15, and I got a mam home, so you don't have to be worry about me..

anders - 12.23.2002 at 03:43


anders, give me one more

lol...didnt' think someone would achieve that mark that fast...
he is the first one to reach "posting addict" status (more than 1000posts)...
maybe i should change the
numbers... lol

hzr - 12.23.2002 at 08:29

Ahh, thanks anders

madis - 12.23.2002 at 10:42

SimsHsia - 12.23.2002 at 14:01

Now your just 1 star apart

whatisthematrix - 12.23.2002 at 15:14

Originally posted by HZR
Ahh, thanks anders

good anders....maybe should you remove all for madis because he post so much...heheh

madis - 12.23.2002 at 15:31

Originally posted by whatisthematrix
maybe should you remove all for madis because he post so much...heheh

why you little.. lol..

and david.. soon.. soon ill get some more

anders - 12.24.2002 at 02:07

heheheh...just for u adis, i added a new rank
but please, no hundred posts of "cool", " ", "LOL", ...

[Edited on 12.24.2002 by anders]

SimsHsia - 12.24.2002 at 02:11

7 Ranks There, 5 ranks more to go till 2000 posts; will take at least 3-6 months to reach up to 1000 posts

anders - 12.24.2002 at 02:13

lol...nice to see u gonna be around for a while sims

SimsHsia - 12.24.2002 at 02:15

Plan to come mostly everyday to post

whatisthematrix - 3.21.2003 at 19:12

[Edited on 4.8.2003 by anders]

Tim Scarfe - 4.8.2003 at 12:33

whatisthematrix - 4.8.2003 at 20:09

wow...that's many u have much memory?

abhi - 4.15.2003 at 16:47

he sure does. u didn't read the system configuration thread at DC?

simu - 4.15.2003 at 18:48

here we go with my new desktop, it goes over two screens with different resolution the white line is then on the same height...

whatisthematrix - 4.15.2003 at 20:46

do u use mac X`?

abhi - 4.15.2003 at 21:04

he uses winxp

simu - 4.16.2003 at 08:49

yeah xp...

whatisthematrix - 4.16.2003 at 20:24

okey...but do u have any sort of skin?

simu - 4.17.2003 at 09:12

I think it's name is corona... but not sure.

whatisthematrix - 4.17.2003 at 23:11

okey...where can I find it...? google..

simu - 4.18.2003 at 09:40

yeah search for 'win styles' or 'win theme' don't know where I got it from...

Mark - 4.29.2003 at 10:20


whatisthematrix - 4.29.2003 at 14:28

cool...but the bg was pretty boring

Mark - 4.29.2003 at 14:37

Well, it's a sweet lil cat

anders - 4.29.2003 at 15:52

mark..what's that Dzygn thing at the top right of ur desktop...along the cpu and memory stats?
nice bgcolor and lil cat

Mark - 4.29.2003 at 16:22

New e-mails on my dzygn account. Don't worry

abhi - 4.29.2003 at 17:46

still using CoolMon?

i got tired of it after some time

whatisthematrix - 4.29.2003 at 20:20


anders - 4.30.2003 at 03:01

came about this wallpaper few days ago when surfing and just had to make it into my desktop here's my newly updated one...


ps. the screenshot has been reduced in size to lower the kb icons seems blurred...
i'm using 1280x1024 res...

[Edited on 4.30.2003 by anders]

whatisthematrix - 4.30.2003 at 08:30

hmm...that's a cool wallpaper.....are u using win98?

Mark - 4.30.2003 at 11:45

Nice one Sherman! Haha.. I was thinking, ain't that Li?? And then I saw the url

pixiegal - 4.30.2003 at 11:55

rene - 4.30.2003 at 19:49

Originally posted by Neo
I was thinking, ain't that Li??

i thought the same

jooli - 5.1.2003 at 03:04

lol Li is famous now lol... hey thats me ur IMing lol

anders - 5.21.2003 at 13:51

not my desktop....just a pic i found surfing around...very interesting desktop (bid download)

Mark - 5.21.2003 at 14:23

Hmm, that file is only for spymac members?

hzr - 5.21.2003 at 15:00

Mark, copy and paste it in tha address bar.

anders - 5.21.2003 at 15:47

oops...sorry...wasn't aware that u have to be member in order to view the link directly by clicking it...

thanks for the solution david

Mark - 5.21.2003 at 16:52

David: funny, I was already thinking of an htaccess rewrite using the referrer.

anders - 5.21.2003 at 17:02

mark, sometimes simple solutions are

rene - 5.21.2003 at 19:16

thats a BIG desktop
and it's blue


mark, sometimes simple solutions are

mark and simple ??

[Edited on 21.5.2003 by rene]

Mark - 5.22.2003 at 06:39

htaccess rewrite using the referrer.

Which means if I copy the link to the address bar, the referer is blank. If I follow the link, it's, so they can see it's not from their own site.

[Edited on 22.5.2003 by Neo]

Chris - 6.3.2003 at 15:27


anders - 6.3.2003 at 15:49

that's a cute desktop chris...
u did that?

Chris - 6.3.2003 at 16:41

no, not me..

whatisthematrix - 6.3.2003 at 17:43

cool chris....are u using win98 :p

Chris - 6.3.2003 at 17:44

no, win2k.. just upgraded from win98SE on Saturday

abhi - 6.4.2003 at 03:37

looks cool Chris

Mark - 7.21.2003 at 18:18



madis - 7.21.2003 at 18:45

nice neo.. do you always need to have some matrix dude somewhere on the screen
i like the edge of the table beein so sharp and bg lookin "empty"..

anywayz.. heres my new one..
and the one i had before

[/Edited on 7.21.2003 by madis]
Reason : url edit

Mark - 7.21.2003 at 19:53

Oh yeah, just a link to the game

Abhi - 7.21.2003 at 20:27

cool Mark. simon, i liked the older one more

simu - 7.21.2003 at 21:06

here's my current desktop... link

SquidThing - 8.9.2003 at 20:34

Mmm.. aqua...

Click for full size.


jnicklo - 11.4.2003 at 05:03

madis - 11.4.2003 at 12:35

havent decided if i should keep the sysmetrix (clock)..

whatisthematrix - 11.4.2003 at 18:41 wall adis.;D

jooli - 11.6.2003 at 07:15

heh.. i've turned traitor... i'm much more comfortable with a G4/G5 now lol
since i dont have $800 to get G4 iBook, I turned my PC to iMac lol

>> view

edduddiee - 11.6.2003 at 17:13

My latest desktop


whatisthematrix - 11.6.2003 at 18:37

ahah jooli, my win looks much better..(more apple I mean)..

anders - 11.7.2003 at 03:28

henke, a picture speaks a thousand words....

in other words, post up

whatisthematrix - 11.7.2003 at 19:02

jnicklo - 1.17.2004 at 09:27

my latest....

whatisthematrix - 1.17.2004 at 12:00

ooo mac