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[ tut ] Walkthrough: Cottage
anders - 9.25.2003 at 06:54

Credits : Version 1.0 (Last updated on 1/23/2003)

Written by and Copyright: Zoggles

A walkthrough example of creating an isometric cottage

Isometric Walkthrough: Cottage

This steps away from the cartoony look and shows the steps I used to create one of the buildings for my 'Villager' project.

First, using one of the regular isometric terrain tiles as a base, I drew the basic outline and blocked in some colour.

Then, I removed all the outline by swapping it for either a highlight or a slightly darker shade.

Next, I added some basic features to the cottage and created the shape of the porch.

Using a paintbrush (shock horror for the pure pixeller), I added some darker strokes to the roof area to begin to create a 'thatched' appearance.

Then I added a few lighter strokes to the roof, and I little shade variation in the walls to roughen their appearance.

After that, and on a separate layer between the house and terrain tile, I added a black shadow.

This shadow layers opacity is then reduced to 30%

Some small green lines are added to the terrain tile to create a more textured grass and to create a few flower stems.

Odd pixels of colour were then added to make some small wild flowers amongst the grass, and a hint of a garden path were added using an airbrush.

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