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Author Subject: [ tip ] B/W Filtration

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posted on 3.18.2003 at 22:55 Reply With Quote
[ tip ] B/W Filtration

A coloured filter will pass the light from any part of the scene of that colour, while blocking other colours to some extent.

The result is that anything of the same colour as the filter will print light, while anything of the complementary colours will print distinctly dark.
  1. Yellow Filter : photographing outdoor scenes is daylight.
  2. Yellowish-Green Filter : photography portrait, photography tungsten-lighted subject, lighten green leaves' tone.

    1. Deep Yellow : correct aerial perspective
    2. Red : In portraiture, one special use is to reduce the prominence of red blemishes on skin.
    3. Green : Give a beautiful skin tone
    4. Blue : emphasize the mist/fog in the ain
    5. Orange : photograhing texture of sand, snow, stone, wood....etc

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posted on 3.19.2003 at 02:12 Reply With Quote
so thats how many guys come up with pics that loook or from a field or something. nice.


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