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Author Subject: [ tut ] 7. Isometric gfx: Coloring & Shading

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posted on 9.25.2003 at 02:44
[ tut ] 7. Isometric gfx: Coloring & Shading

Credits : Version 2.0 (Last updated on 2/7/2003)

Written by and Copyright: Zoggles

Isometric Graphics [part 7] : Coloring and Shading

So far, I have only shown the maths and basic construction with no reference to the colouring or shading used. However all the above examples will have given a good indication of how objects are shaded. Particularly the table example above.

For the typical 'comic' isometric style a dark or black outline is put around the othermost edge of the object. (not on the inner corners of it)

For a solid coloured object, there are four main shades used (and an outline colour is required). The lightest of which is used as the top edge highlight colour. The second lightest is used as the top surface, the other two are used on the different facing sides. On the table above, I have also used the second shade (top surface) for a highlighting along the corner edges of the legs. The lightest shade would have looked too bright for a 'shadowed' face.

As a brief example, I have just created the outline of an oddly shaped structure.

Then, I have simply block filled the areas of it.

Next, I removed the inner black lines and replaced them with highlights and occasionally a darker shade. Notice that I have only put a highlight line down convex corners. For the concave ones I have just used the darker of the two shades on either side.

Then I added some windows as block colour, again, using a darker shade for the right facing sides.

Highlighting was then added to the edges of the windows to give them a little depth.

Finally, I added some grass around it for effect, and added a shadow on the grass.

And, at actual size:

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