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Author Subject: [ tut ] 5. Isometric gfx: Changing a 2D Image to Isometric

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posted on 9.25.2003 at 02:55
[ tut ] 5. Isometric gfx: Changing a 2D Image to Isometric

Credits : Version 2.0 (Last updated on 2/7/2003)

Written by and Copyright: Zoggles

Isometric Graphics [part 5] : Changing a 2D Image to Isometric

It is important to realise that you can't just skew a 2D image to make it isometric, as a 2D image shows no depth, and simply extruding the image backwards after skewing it might not give the required results.

Both of the above images could be representations of the smaller 2D view next to it.

It is also worth noting that simply skewing an image by 26.565X will not give a true isometric result. It will appear stretched.

As the above image shows, simply skewing an image will make the object appear streched. The bases of the middle diagram show that x1 > x2. The example on the right shows the mathematically correct version. In effect, the image has first been squashed horizontally, before being skewed, however it is often easier to just create some guidelines and re-create the image from them. Skewing will also tend to create unwanted antialiasing.

If you did want to still use a skewing method, you would first need to know how much to horizontally squash the 2D image by. To calculate the amount, the distance 'x' in the below sketh needs to be calculated.

Now, to calculate the percentage you would need to horizontally squash by, divide this value for x by the original width (2) and multiply by 100.

1.7889 2 x 100 = 89.443%

6. Isometric gfx: The Sculpting Method

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