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Author Subject: [ tut ] 2. Isometric gfx: Two Types of Construction

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posted on 9.25.2003 at 03:19
[ tut ] 2. Isometric gfx: Two Types of Construction

Credits : Version 2.0 (Last updated on 2/7/2003)

Written by and Copyright: Zoggles

Isometric Graphics [part 2] : The Two Types of Construction

There are two main methods for drawing isometric graphics as illustrated below. Type A (red) uses a three pixel line at the forward corners, and Type B (green) does not.

Now, if you are only planning to draw a single object, then either method is fine, and I would probably favour Type A as it gives sharper and cleaner looking highlights and keeps the facets the same size and shape. However, if you plan on tiling objects or plan on placing them on a grid of sorts, then you should definately go with Type B as you will otherwise end up with ugly jagged looking lines as illustrated below.

The three arrows point to some of the little glitches in what otherwise would appear as a straight line. With Type B however, there is no such problem and you get a nice clean edge. Likewise, a grid will consist of clean lines.

There are of course several different options for shading, highlighting and outlining. The animated image below shows a few basic combinations. The decision of which to use depends on the style of graphics you are trying to create.

3. Isometric gfx: Constructing a Grid

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