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Author Subject: [ tut ] 1. Walkthrough: Prison Complex

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posted on 9.25.2003 at 04:04
[ tut ] 1. Walkthrough: Prison Complex

Credits : Version 1.0 (Last updated on 1/23/2003)

Written by and Copyright: Zoggles

A walkthrough example of the creation of one of the buildings done for critticage.

Isometric Walkthrough [part 1] : Prison Complex

Ok, first off, the land area that this building was going to take up was marked out, and a path around the perimeter was put in.

The next step was to erect the outer walls to the complex. These were done on a new layer so they could be toggled on and off while creating the inner portion of the prison. I wanted a double gate system to the right which will be added over the walls and it is easier to get sizing and positioning right if you are just going over something that's already there, so creating these as walls at the beginning was the easiest option.

Now, the gates were put in, and I dropped the height of them by a couple of pixels to break up the otherwise consistant height.

An apparently short step here just to create the path leading up to the gates. However, another stage here, was to split the 'walls' layer into two layers. One for the backmost two walls, and one for the rest. This is so that buildings in the central section will appear both behind the front walls layer, and in front of the rear walls layer.

Next, I decided to add some barbed wire to the top perimiter of the wall. First I had to put in the main posts which would hold the wire. This is all done on a new layer as (like the walls) it will need to be split into front and rear layers.

Then the barbed wire itself. For the wire, I used three shades of grey to enhance the appearance of small barbs, but at this resolution they are still not all that obvious. However, it was better with the three than the initial one.

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