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Author Subject: [ tut ] 2. Walkthrough: Cartoon Style House

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posted on 9.25.2003 at 06:40
[ tut ] 2. Walkthrough: Cartoon Style House

Credits : Version 1.0 (Last updated on 1/23/2003)

Written by and Copyright: Zoggles

A walkthrough example for creting a small cartoon style house.

Isometric Walkthrough [part 2] : Cartoon Style House

At this point, it was time to consider the roof. I was after a fairly high roof with nicely angled lines and on a new layer, I drew in some basic guidelines. These were then shifted around slightly until I had the desired shape and structure.

Once satisfied with the shape of the roof from the guidelines drawn, I could then block fill it and give it a couple of highlight lines. Whilst the current position of the roof cuts off some of the block beneath it and has a section of the front wall now 'incomplete' these are dealt with next.

The unwanted areas of wall are now deleted...

...and the wall pattern is continued to fill in the extra gap at the front.

Now to add some texture to the roof. A few lines using shades either side of the main colour of the roof face being textured provides a nice, simplistic thatched roof texture and is in keeping with the cartoony style I was after.

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