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Author Subject: [ tut ] 1. Walkthrough: Cartoon Style House

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posted on 9.25.2003 at 06:43
[ tut ] 1. Walkthrough: Cartoon Style House

Credits : Version 1.0 (Last updated on 1/23/2003)

Written by and Copyright: Zoggles

A walkthrough example for creting a small cartoon style house.

Isometric Walkthrough [part 1] : Cartoon Style House

Here follows the serious of stages I took in creating this house tile for an isometric game with a cartoon feel to it.

Ok, first I started off by drawing in the base which was based on the tile size used in the game, and selecting a few sets of colours for the palette I would be using.

Then this was simply block filled and shaded as I would normally shade an isometric cube.

Next, I constructed some lines to represent the body of the house, ignoring the roof at this point.

Once done, again, I shaded this section to be a basic stone wall colour using my standard shading rules for an isometric cube.

The next step took quite a bit of calculating to ensure that the bricks were a nice size to fill the walls evenly, and once I had calculated that through some quick trial and error of brick sizes, I added the lines to the sides of the grey cube, keeping the shading and highlighting consistant with the rest of the image so far. The pattern on the top ends up being redundant, and not sure why I bothered with this really

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