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Author Subject: 360 View of Products with Flash
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posted on 4.6.2005 at 23:33 Reply With Quote
360 View of Products with Flash

I have a client that what’s to take 360 degree views of their products and place them on line. They want the facility that allows the user to rotate and view the product in flash. Do you know what software is available to do this? Also what is the best hardware to take the product images? The idea is an automated process as much as possible, as there are a lot of products.

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posted on 4.7.2005 at 01:23 Reply With Quote
electricrain:swift 3d

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posted on 10.14.2008 at 17:08 Reply With Quote
Right now the best software option is their object2vr is a great option to show vr's on the web. Hardware on the other hand has been neglected for a few years, but the concept is still the same. You need a turntable that rotates at equal increments.

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