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Author Subject: [ tut ] [ 6 || 7 ] Centering Layers

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posted on 6.28.2002 at 02:25 Reply With Quote
[ tut ] [ 6 || 7 ] Centering Layers

Draw your objects in separate layers


If you drew random objects, arrange the layers so that the biggest object is 2nd to last layer, and the smallest object on the top layer.
The base layer, should be white or any other color you see fit, because if it is transparent, it will not allow you to center perfectly. [centering to object tut coming soon]


select the base [lowest] layer, you will know if it is selected when it gets highlighted and has a brush next to the eye.
link the other layers by selecting the empty (default) boxes next to the eye.


with the base layer selected, go to Layers , then scroll down to Align Linked .
select Vertical Centers


you should see the images in a horizontal line.
you can see from the example that by having the smallest object on top, it will be on top of the bigger objects, and not hiding behind them.


with the base layer still selected, go to Layers , scroll down to Align Linked
select Horizontal Centers


all your objects should be centered

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