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Author Subject: [ tip ] Harbour Photography

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posted on 12.28.2002 at 19:00 Reply With Quote
[ tip ] Harbour Photography

  • Move in close to isolate small areas
  • Arrive early for action shots of fishermen unloading their catch
  • Close-up of boats offer great opportunities for colourful and interesting abstracts
  • If you can't get down to boat level, use a telephoto lens from the harbour wall to pick out details
  • Look at the harbour walls for marine life such as seaweed, limpets and barnacles
  • Use a polarising filter to eliminate reflections and enhance the colour of paintwork
  • Check where the sun rises and sets, and return when you think light levels are best. Low, warm sunlight reveals texture and detail

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posted on 12.30.2002 at 18:04 Reply With Quote
Good tips pixiegirl, I live quite close to the sea-side, many chances for harbour photography.. Love sunsets and deep blue skies on clear days.

Pete Wynne

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